Buy. Seed. Harvest

A Token loaded with Seamless Benefits

Inddais blends the traditional method of profit sharing and the blockchain transparency in its simplified web portal. Buckle up for an ultimate WEB 3.0 experience.

Redefined Cloud Mining

Inddais Token Flow is as simple as rocket science

Each token you buy will supply added hashpower to our mining farms. For this contribution of yours, we transfer 40% of the total daily mining outputs to the blockchain deployed dividend vault (dINIS). The only key for gaining access to the funds in vault is nothing but the tokens you hold. All you must do is seed your tokens in the Inddais Farm and keep harvesting the crypto yield. The farm calculates your share of the vault balance based on the number of tokens you have seeded on the farm and the number of days you preserve it seeded.

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Benefits of Owning Inddais Tokens

INIS adds value to your crypto portfolio with its impeccable deliverance of transparency, liquidity and prosperity.

Placed over BNB Chain

INIS is bound by BEP-20 standards and exists within BNB chain which is known for its scalability, rapidity and security.

Transparency Delivered

The underlying smart contracts stores all the state changing transactions with no exception to ensure transparent tokenomics.

Inbuilt Selling Facility

We understand changing financial clouds, and hence when needed, you can instantly exchange a part of your tokens for BNB coin.

Futuristic Implementation

The incentivised burn function and upper capped mint function will enable us to steer through the inflation or deflation efficiently.

Locked Liquidity

We have limited the access to funds in the dividend vault contract to the yielding farm seeds to ensure fair profit distribution.

Simplified Yielding Farm

Profits from the yielding farm are directly proportionate to the growing vault balance, number of tokens seeded and the duration.

Inddais Tracker

Numbers for you to stay well informed

We have taken the courtesy to display basic statistics of Inddais that relate to your token investments. For live or more information, you can always visit the contract pages under blockchain deployment menu.


Total Supply 60000000.00 INIS
Circulating Supply 64380.12 INIS
Total Sold 41654.23 INIS
INIS Buy Rate 1000 INIS / BNB
INIS Sell Rate 0.001 BNB / INIS
INIS Burn Compensation 0.0001 BNB / INIS
Contract Asset Balance 8.16325 BNB
Dividend Vault Balance 3.31 BNB
Seeds in Farm 34574.23 INIS
Harvested Yield 0.06501 BNB

At Inddais, you are rewarded fairly for the effort you put in building the userbase by taking the word out. Our unique referral program “Slice” is hardcoded right into the token contract which enables you to make 2% out of every sale you refer. Slice payments are made in BNB directly to your wallet. Again, slice is not limited to First Buy, you get paid for Every Buy. Get Started