Network: Binance Smart Chain

Maximum Supply: 60000000.00

Total Supply: 59735000.00

Circulating Supply: 690237.75

  • New coins can be minted when the total supply reaches 36M INIS.
  • 9M INIS is allocated to the promoter
  • 51M INIS is allocated for sale in multiple stages directly from the contract.


You can buy INDDAIS tokens directly from us for its base price. Just visit the portal present on this website and connect with your MetaMask wallet to buy it immediately. Optionally, you can download and install our lightweight wallet app on your mobile device and transact on the go safely and privately.

Available for Sale

5855194.17 INIS

Price per Token

0.001 BNB

Total Token Sold

144805.83 INIS


The Inddais token contract has an in-built selling function. Once in every 30 days, you can sell up to 10% of the tokens you have purchased and receive equivalent BNB instantly. For example, if you have purchased 100 tokens, you can sell up to 10 tokens once in a month. Required BNB balance to cover your sales request is readily locked in the contract.

* Please note that you can sell only the tokens purchased from us and not the tokens you have received from any outside sources. Also, based on the selling limitations, it will take up to 10 months in case if you choose to sell all your tokens. You can always sell any number of tokens in the crypto exchange places where we are listed.

Contract balance

0.04659 BNB

Price per Token

0.001 BNB


This functionality is useful for those who wish to give away their INDDAIS token holding. This feature lets you burn INIS in your wallet to receive equivalent burn compensation in BNB instantly. You can do it from the portal or mobile apps.

* Please note that the Burn transaction is irreversible, and you can never recover the tokens burned. So, proceed with it only if you are sure about what you are doing.

Burn Compensation

0.0001 BNB

Total Tokens Burned

265000 INIS

Inddais Farm and Vault

This is where you make most out of your INDDAIS token holdings by depositing it in the farm to receive BNB stored in the vault. The guiding mathematical formula we have coded into the farm contract will update your share percentage every second, this calculation is done based on the number of tokens you have seeded and the duration. This share percentage denotes how much of BNB you will get out of the total BNB balance of the vault.

For example, if you have seeded 100 tokens and the vault balance is 5 BNB and after 3 months if your share is 5%, then you will get 5% of the BNB stored in the vault which is 0.1 BNB. While your share percentage increases steadily in the farm, the vault balance too increases and thus the number of BNB you get keeps growing.

There is no Lock-in period:

  • You can withdraw your tokens anytime from the farm.
  • You can transfer your BNB yield anytime to your wallet.
  • You can exit from the farm by withdrawing all the tokens along with the yield anytime.

* Please note that all token holders are required to exit from the farm within five days after the season ends. You can seed again in the new season.

Tokens Seeded

0.00 INIS

Season End on


Vault Balance

0.24 BNB

Total Harvested

22.38848 BNB