Minddais Platform is for people with a vision

Developed by the team Inddais, Minddais is a blockchain based virtual world built for individuals aspiring to make their ideas into reality. We have started laying the foundation of this fabulous community and have opened the counter for anyone with a vision to join the mission. Own one of them MINDDAIS NFTs and join the unfolding game.


Lead by Proud Peacock Holders

We start from the top. The Minddais community will have 40 leaders, each with a privilege of creating and developing their own sub-community. Just holding one of the 40 Minddais Proud Peacock NFT will make you eligible to become a leader on MINDDAIS part of the metaverse.

So, does it mean that anyone holding the NFT can become a leader at MINDDAIS?

When put vaguely, the answer is yes. But if you look deeply, driven by the intuition is the most important quality of any leader. No one jumps in and buys an NFT for its look or existence. Minddais is in its early stages. We still haven’t showcased the ultimate benefits of holding it apart from the leadership privilege. Hence, we believe that only a few among those who foresee the growth of INDDAIS will consider holding MINDDAIS NFT. And obviously that intuition they have will undoubtedly make them fully eligible to lead the valiant MINDDAIS community.

Hold it with pride and style

Minddais is a slowly unfolding platform planned to become fully available on February 22, 2023. The features and benefits of Minddais are undisclosed on purpose with the intention to make the journey towards it wonderful. The NFT assets will be released in stages and the underlying privileges will be updated in this page. Remember, Minddais NFT will be the key to unlock a role you deserve within the community.