Build Crypto Mining Farms Across the Globe

Mining is the critical requirement for any blockchain network to survive. We at INDDAIS are proud to be a significant hashpower contributor to many blockchain networks out there.

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What is Cryptocurrency Mining and

What makes Inddais Mining different and efficient?

Crypto Mining is the process that keeps transactions moving through the blockchain by adding new blocks to them. Also, miners introduce new coins into the existing circulating supply and is one of the key elements that empowers a cryptocurrency network to stay decentralized, active, and alive.

Without miners, we cannot add new blocks to a blockchain, and the transactions made would stay pending forever. While the constant growth in the number of blockchain users is encouraging, the need for enormous energy resources and high computing abilities makes it harder and less profitable for individual miners.

We started our research and development considering the current requirement and future growth of the blockchain technologies. We concentrated equally on technical aspects and energy requirements to create a fully loaded crypto mining farm that are efficient, stable and, most of all, economical.

Custom Made Devices: Be it an assembled device with a unique combination of GPUs and Micro Processors or specially designed FPGA/ASIC devices with huge computation power, we have crafted each unit at Inddais Mining Farm to deliver high performance.

Tailored Software: We have coded the applications and platforms that control the entire fleet of our mining rigs ensures maximum output efficiency without losing the stability. Our AI watchdog understands the underlying network’s difficulty scenarios to scale and steer the devices accordingly.

Green Energy Resources: Understanding the rising energy crisis and climate change concerns, we concurrently focus on building conventional energy sources to power up our mining farms without affecting the environment.

With the perfect blend of high performing devices, finely tuned applications, and vast green energy resources, Inddais mining farms are undeniably profitable, efficient, and economical. Though we don’t sell our devices or applications outright, anyone can share the profits generated from our mining farms by Buying and Seeding INDDAIS tokens.

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While Crypto Mining is the fundamental of everything, we innovate at Inddais, our team is constantly on the quest to introduce new services in multiple horizons of the blockchain industry. Stay tuned for mind blowing services from Inddais Care Limited., that will deliver a whole new level of blockchain experience and will add more stream of profits to the Inddais Tokens you hold.

The Leadership

Cryptocurrency uniquely combines technology and the economy. It requires sound knowledge in both the fields to secure a prominent place in the market for any aspiring crypto professional. A crypto business plan without considering the technical limitations or allocation of technical resources without knowing the financial possibilities - both will hinder the stable growth of any crypto company and sometimes lead to permanent doldrums.

Dr. Mayilvahanan Arumugam, is the founder & CEO of Inddais Care Limited, holds an UG in computer science, MBA in finance and a doctorate in Microeconomics. Being an expert coder in all verticals and an economist with a goal to transfer financial self-sufficiency from hypothesis to implementation, his rich knowledge in the subject and balanced business strategy will undoubtedly drive Inddais towards success and lasting growth.