Step 1 - Metamask Browser

Open in Metamask

You need to open this page in the Metamask in-built browser to transact at Inddais. If you do not have Metamask app installed, please download and install it first before proceeding.

New to Metamask Wallet? Click Here and go through the tutorial

Step 1 - Install Wallet

Install MetaMask

You need Metamask browser extension or mobile app to transact at Inddais. MetaMask equips you with a key vault, a secure token wallet - everything you need to store the Inddais token or other crypto assets.

New to Metamask Wallet? Click Here and go through the tutorial

Step 3 - Change Network

Binance Smart Chain

You need to switch to Binance Smart Chain network in order to view, send or receive Inddais token in your Metamask Wallet. Just click the button below to change network or visit our extensive tutorial to know how to change it manually.

Need to change it manually? Click Here and go through the tutorial

Step 2 - Wallet Authorize

Connect Metamask

You need to connect your Metamask wallet with Inddais website, so that you can initiate a transaction directly from our website. Please note that any transactions cannot be completed without your further permission.

New to Metamask? Click Here and go through the tutorial

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Your transaction is submitted to the BSC network. Post confirmation, your request will be completed immediately.

Buying Inddais is Simple and Instant

  • Connect your Metamask wallet to get started.
  • Use the slider or enter quantity manually.
  • Approve and complete the transaction in Metamask.
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